Soon representatives of SenTech will be departing from Arkwelpsat Peigytrofa, traveling the distance to our final destination, Los Angeles, CA.

For the first time ever SenTech will be presenting its latest release in LERP game play,

This release will be taking place at Printed Matter’s Los Angeles Art Book Fair, between April 11 - April 14, 2019. In order to secure your chances of obtaining Nonoki, please be sure to join us for the debut.

What is Nonoki?

Nonoki is a word from the Anacriptist dialect, which when translated, is defined as “the divination towards new ritual tendency in the production of the universal symbolic."

The gameplay of Nonoki is what we at SenTech have termed Live Experience Role Play. Through SenTech patented technology, Neural Link, each individual participating in game play becomes a surrogate avatar for a player or GHOST who links in sensorially and remotely from our home planet Arkwelpsat Peigytrofa.

Throughout the game play experience, human avatars will merge with their GHOST to work together during the full campaign of game play. Avatars and GHOSTs become paired through the use of an amulet. The amulet synthesizes the social, ancestral, and personal histories of the Anacriptist ghost into a single symbolic form. These forms fulfill the role of merging ghost with avatar, but are also used as a game piece for the divination board component of Nonoki. The amulet paired with the game board will give insight into the ritualisms to be carried out throughout the LERP.

Game Components

Nonoki game board (M or XL)
Pre-made Amulets
Ritual Card booster packs
Location Card booster packs
Game rules

If you are curious about ordering any of the above mentioned items but cannot attend the Los Angeles Art Book Fair, get in touch shop@arkwelpsatpeigytrofa.org