After arrival in Los Angeles for the first ever sales of SenTech’s game franchise “Nonoki”, we packed our bags and traveled the distance by air to Mexico City, MX. In Mexico, 18 Anacriptist Ghosts from Arkwelpsat Peigytrofa have each Neural Linked into human Avatars who will act as playable characters during their gaming campaign.

Each morning of the gameplay the Anacriptists gather at Aeromoto Library in Mexico City, where they then walk to a new location in the surrounding area to take part in a day’s opening ceremony. The opening ceremony for each day iscomprised of a live play of the Nonoki game board which then divines obstructions for the Anacriptists to play out in a LERP (Live Experience Role Play). The obstructions consist of a ritual and location which gives direction for the Anacriptist to interpret a ritual to act out within a specific location. The rituals become events which will then be symbolized through a methodology specified on the game board that the player landed on during the opening ceremony.

After the 4 day game campaign, Anacriptists will then display their symbolic productions at the Museo Universitario Del Chopo for a 2 day presentation.

Download a full set of game rules here.

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